Davide Gammone
How to drop all indexes on an Oracle SQL table

Long time ago I needed to delete all indexes on an Oracle SQL table. After some test I ended up with the following PL/SQL code:

    FOR ind IN 
        SELECT index_name
        FROM user_indexes
        WHERE table_name = 'my_table'
        AND index_name NOT IN
            SELECT unique index_name
            FROM user_constraints
            WHERE table_name = 'my_table'
            AND index_name IS NOT NULL
        execute immediate 'DROP INDEX '||ind.index_name;

It drops all indexes which are not referenced by the constraints of the table. It is important, because the drop statement will fail if the table has a constraint created using the specified index. Just replace the 'my_table' string with the appropriate table name, If you want to use this code.

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