Davide Gammone

Unboxing of the ROCONTRIP snorkeling mask. Useful for recording underwater video thanks to the GoPro mount.

Screw and bolt included in the package, as well as 2 earplugs, and replacement gaskets. All contained inside a nice bag, very useful for transport the mask to the sea. A recommended purchase for lovers of snorkeling, of amateur level!

It is advisable to use an anti-fog spray, because the mask is subject to this problem.


Rocontrip diving mask is made of liquid silicone + PC without skin irritation, which is Eco-friendly and non-toxic.


S/M and L/XL are available, measure from the bridge of your nose to your chin, if the measurement is less than 4.7"(12cm), then choose S/M size. If it is greater than 4.7"(12cm), then choose the L/XL size.


180° wide viewing window design for good vision.

Contenuto della confezione:

1 Rocontrip Diving Mask
1 Snorkel Tube
1 GoPro Mount
1 Spare Part Bag
1 User Manual
1 Rocontrip Drawstring Bag

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